Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Update #1

Blog Update #1
Okay, so I decided to update my blog as it is slowly becoming a download site for Doujin Games. It was never my intention to turn it into one but I guess that's the direction on which this blog is going, so expect lots of doujin music, doujin games, otaku-related softwares to be uploaded in here.

  1. Added a HOW-TO page for those who having a hard time accessing, installing, and/or downloading the files.
  2. Added a DOWNLOADS page for those who are lost.
  3. Fixed a few links.
  4. Added mirror links in case of broken downloads.

Now, I am considering of turning this blog into a legit website, but due to financial problems I'm kinda having a hard time getting myself a domain, but it will surely come.

Here are some of the few stuff I want to add to the site:
  1. Forums - For user interaction, of course. And for the main purpose of organizing downloads and etc.
  2. Domain - self-explanatory, I guess.
  3. A more organized download page.
Basically that's it for now but I will still think of some ideas that might interest you. Drop a comment if you have suggestions.

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