Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog Update #2

Sorry, I wasn't able to update the blog for a very long time. Due to the fact that real life has been trying to pull me back in, I wasn't able to pay much attention to the blog. But I've got great news, I'm going to have a baby! Yehey! And a daughter at that! Yes, so it's been really difficult for me to get back to blogging recently.


I'm going to have an official domain soon where I can migrate my content here to there. It will be up in a few days so wait for it. It will have organized downloads and a bunch of other exciting stuff - and more downloads.

Another thing is I updated the links to the downloads currently available. I kinda shortened the URL so if you see an ad, please do not exit the page, wait for 5 seconds and you will see a 'Skip Ad' button - click it - and you will be redirected to the download page. If your adblocker does block the site, well, temporarily turn it off. The reason why I did this was that I need some kind of extra income, since my waifu's giving birth and I do need a bit of money to feed my family, I hope ya'll understand why there are annoying ads.

If unclear refer to the HOW-To section of the site on how to get passed the ad.

Thank you and I love you guys, ciao!